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OWON HDS2202S - 3 in 1 handheld oscilloscope, multimeter, DDS generator: 2 channels, 200 MHz bandwidth

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OWON HDS2202S - 3 in 1 handheld oscilloscope, multimeter, DDS generator: 2 channels, 200 MHz bandwidth
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3 in 1 mérőműszer: oszcilloszkóp, multiméter, DDS generátor: 2 csatorna, 200 MHz sávszélesség, 1 GSa/s mintavétel, 20000 számjegy, feszültség-, áramerősség-, kapacitás-, ellenállásmérés, diódateszt.

  • The OWON HDS2202S Handheld Digital Oscilloscope is a compact yet powerful instrument designed for engineers, technicians, and hobbyists who require high-performance measurement capabilities in a portable form factor. With a bandwidth of 200 MHz, this oscilloscope offers excellent signal fidelity, allowing users to capture and analyze a wide range of electronic signals with precision and accuracy. Its 2-channel design enables simultaneous measurement and comparison of two different signals, providing valuable insights into circuit behavior and signal interactions.

    Featuring a sample rate of 1GS/s (giga-samples per second), the OWON HDS2202S ensures that even fast-changing signals are captured with clarity and detail. This high sampling rate allows users to accurately capture and analyze transient events, glitches, and other short-duration phenomena that may be critical in troubleshooting and design validation. Additionally, its handheld form factor makes it ideal for field applications, enabling engineers to perform measurements conveniently in various environments. Whether in the lab or the field, the OWON HDS2202S Handheld Digital Oscilloscope delivers performance, versatility, and portability, making it a valuable tool for professionals working in electronics and electrical engineering.


    1. Bandwidth: 200 MHz
    2. Channels: 2
    3. Sample Rate: 1 GS/s (Giga Samples per second)
    4. Handheld design for portability and convenience
    5. High-resolution display for clear waveform visualization
    6. Lightweight and compact for ease of use in various settings
    7. Multiple triggering options for accurate waveform capture
    8. Built-in measurement functions for quick analysis
    9. Intuitive user interface for efficient operation
    10. USB connectivity for data transfer and external control
    11. Robust construction for durability in challenging environments

    Package Include:

    • 1 x OWON HDS2202S Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 1 x soft Bag
    • 1 x Pair of Probe and probe Adjust
    • 2 x Multimeter Leads
    • 2 x BNC to Alligator Clip
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Guide
  • manufacturer
    2 years
    In stock
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    600 g/pcs
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