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FNIRSI DPOX180H - digital phosphor oscilloscope and signal generator: 2 channels, 180 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2.8" display

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FNIRSI DPOX180H - digital phosphor oscilloscope and signal generator: 2 channels, 180 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2.8" display
  • FNIRSI DPOX180H - digital phosphor oscilloscope and signal generator: 2 channels, 180 MHz, 500 MS/s, 2.8" display
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Handheld two-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope with 500 MS/s sampling rate and 180 MHz bandwidth. 2.8" display, 4 hours operating time with built-in 3000 mAh Li-ion battery.

  • DPOX180H is a cost-effective handheld dual-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope and signal generator.

    The oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 500 MSPS and an analog bandwidth of 180 MHz. In terms of display, a high-contrast 2.8-inch IPS full-vision LCD screen and digital fluorescent technology are used. The waveform display effect is good, and the color ways are grayscale and color temperature. With a waveform refresh rate of up to 50000 wfm/s, it is easier to display abnormal signals with low probability. The time base system includes a ZOOM time base for easy analysis of digital protocol signals. With a vertical sensitivity as low as 5mV, it can better measure small signals of 5mVPP. Ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio, fully sealed shielding measures, stable circuit feedback design and clean and clear waveform. The original adjustable automatic bandwidth limit and adaptive adjustable trigger suppression are suitable for analyzing and measuring signals with relatively large noise. 20M hardware bandwidth limit can filter out noise above 20 MHz. The trigger adopts digital trigger technology with high precision. It has three trigger modes: automatic/single/normal. It has a strong ability to collect periodic signals, burst signals and protocol signals.

    The DDS signal generator has 14 kinds of function signal waveforms and a free-customized chopping waveform. The frequency of the sine wave can reach 20 MHz, and the other waveforms can reach 10 MHz. The original chopping output function can store up to 500 customized signals. It has three time base modes of YT, XY and rolling. Manual cursor measurement is suitable for measurements with large noise signals. Efficient one-button automatic adjustment, adaptive 25%, 50%, 75% electric level trigger, it only takes 2 seconds to measure 1VPP/1KHz. Save waveforms and screenshots with one key, up to 250 sets of waveform data or 90 pictures can be stored, and 500 intercepted wave data can be stored at the same time. The data browser can browse and view the currently saved waveform data and pictures, and the waveform data supports operations such as zooming and moving. High voltage anti-burning protection, all gears can withstand high voltage up to 400V. USB data export and you can connect it to a computer to copy picture files, and you can also copy system files to the oscilloscope for system upgrades. 5V 2A fast charging and 1 hour can charge to 80%.


     Number of Channels 2
     Analog Bandwidth  180 MHz
     Maximum Sampling Rate 500 MS/s
     Input Coupling  DC/AC
     Rise Time  2.5ns
     Storage Depth  120 kpts
     Input Impedance  1MQ-18PF
     Vertical Sensitivity  5mV-10V (1X)
     Time Base Range  5ns-50s
     DC Accuracy  ±2%
     Time Accuracy  +0.01%
     Trigger Detection  digital trigger
     Trigger Mode  auto/single/normal
     Trigger Edge  rising/falling
     Measurement Range  40mV-80V (1X)
     Screenshot Storage 90
     Capture Signal 500
     Roll Mode
     X-Y Mode
     Waveform Manager
     High-Voltage Burnout Protection
     Screen Size  2.8 inches
     Screen Resolution  320x240
     Display Technology  IPS full view
     Expansion Interface  USB transmission interface
     Auto Power-Off  5 minutes - 2 hours
     Firmware Upgrade  supported ISO image upgrade
     Charging Requirements  5V 2A
     Battery Capacity  3000mAh
     Standby Time  3.5 hours at full charge
     Signal Generator  14 standard function signals
     Waveform Storage  250 groups
     Parameter Measurement  12 kinds
     Cursor Measurement  Frequency / Period / Amplitude
     20m Hardware Bandwidth Limitation
     Digital Phosphor Technology
     Color Temperature Display
     Zoom Scaling Time Base
     Adjustable Automatic Bandwidth Limitation
     Size 140x90x40 mm
     Weight 325 g


    Package Included:

    • 1 x Oscilloscope Signal Generator
    • 2 x 200M Probes (1X & 10X)
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x USB Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
    • package size: 25x15x8 cm
    • package weight: 670 g




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