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Mileseey P7AK (S2) - laser distance meter: 200 m, camera, 3D (between any two points) measurement, bluetooth, etc.

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Mileseey P7AK (S2) - laser distance meter: 200 m, camera, 3D (between any two points) measurement, bluetooth, etc.
  • Mileseey P7AK (S2) - laser distance meter: 200 m, camera, 3D (between any two points) measurement, bluetooth, etc.
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200 m range, camera, 3D (point to point) measurement, rotating color display, stake out, bluetooth, digital protractor, memory, triangular operations, area, volume measurement, connection to android planning software, etc.

  • Specifications:

    • Measuring range: 0.05~200 m
    • Laser class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1 mW
    • Laser wavelength: 630-670 nm
    • Measuring accuracy (Typical): ± 2.0 mm
    • Tilt-sensor accuracy (Typical): ± 0.3°
    • Memory: 1000 sets
    • Angle range: ± 90°
    • Measuring reference: top/tripod/rear
    • Measuring units: m/ft/in/ft+in
    • Auto power switch-off: after 180 s
    • Power source: 3xAAA NI-MH rechargeable batteries
    • Tripod mount size: 1/4"-20
    • Protection class: IP65
    • Operating temperature: 0℃~+40℃
    • Dimension: 115x49x26 mm
    • Weight with battery: 140 g
    • Screen display: 2.0-inch rotating color display 

    Compatible CAD apps with bluetooth:

    CAD (building, 3D):   Joyplan ;   Floor Plan Creator

    CAD & excel:            Mileseey Pro

    > CAMERA WITH 2X/4X ZOOM: This laser measure adopted a point finder camera with 2X/4X adjustable zoom, allowing you to target the destination point precisely with the crosshair in the display, even when working in areas with restricted visibility or outdoor situations. It also has IP65 water protection with a dust tight design that can withstand the harsh working environment. (To use it outdoors, please make sure it is not under direct sunlight)

    > TRIPLE POWER TECHNOLOGY: The laser distance measure can be powered by the included 3 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (can be replaced by other types of rechargeable batteries) or 3 AAA alkaline batteries. Similar to your mobile phone, the USB port ensures the fast charging of the rechargeable batteries. In addition, the laser tool can be directly connected to the power supply for use. Triple power technology delivers remarkable runtime for all-day jobs.

    > WIDE APPLICATIONS: The laser distance meter measures long range up to 656Ft with 1/13-inch accuracy. It provides 17 measurement modes, including length, area (square/triangle/circular), volume (cuboid/cylinder), 3 Pythagoras, indirect length/height, 3D point to point, 2 trapezium, Stake Out, add/subtract and continuous measurement. The distance measure is ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, factories, warehouses, etc.

    > MULTIPLE PRACTICAL FUNCTIONS: The laser measure features a handy pocket-size design to fit in any pocket. A built-in inclinometer determines the angle of pitch and a digital bubble level to confirm if the tool is level. Up to 1000 historical records can be stored. It also has more practical features like rotating backlit color display, 180s auto switch-off, m/ft/in/ft+in unit, time delay measurement, self-calibration, 3 reference point and 1/4-inch tripod mounting thread.

    > VALUE-ADDED FEATURES: Stake Out feature helps you save time and boost accuracy when setting out and marking positions for stud framing or other stake-outs. All the six surfaces of the meter can be laid flat on the surface plus the digital horizontal bubble makes the meter have the simple function of a level ruler. 3D Measuring (Point to Point) can indirectly measure the distance between any two points. This is a revolutionary feature, which is effective and optimizes your workflow.

    > The Bluetooth feature of this laser measure allows data to be simply and conveniently transferred to the Joyplan app where you can process it later on.

    The package:

    • 1 x Laser distance meter
    • 3 x AAA NI-MH rechargeable batteries
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Hand strap
    • 1 x Pouch
    • 1 x User manual
    • weight: 330 g
    • dimensions: 17x12x6,5 cm


  • manufacturer
    unidirectional/bidirectional measurement
    one way
    measuring range (m)
    laser color
    laser class
    Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1mW
    √, 4 x zoom
    display type
    colour, graphic
    rotating display
    digital protractor
    √, two vertical
    digital bubble
    laser wavelength (nm)
    620-690 nm
    accuracy (mm)
    reference points
    max/min measurement
    distance measurement
    painter mode
    trapezium calculation with angle
    triangle area
    circular area
    cylinder volume
    stake out 
    addition / subtraction
    pythagorean measurements 
    triangle operations with angle calculation 
    triangle operations with angle calculationtriangle operations with angle calculation
    triangle operations with gyroscope 
    triangle operations with gyroscope
    delayed measurement
    sound signal
    on / off
    unit switch
    power source
    3x Ni-mh (AAA)
    charging interface
    tripod screw hole
    storage temperature (°C)
    working temperature (°C)
    laser off (s)
    IP rating
    device off (s)
    product size (mm)
    housing material
    plastic, strong rubber coating
    rubber buttons
    weight (g)
    the package
    device, battery, protective case, hand strap, USB cable, manual
    2 years
    Out of stock
    Article No.
    330 g/pcs
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