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Huepar M3Y - Flat Head Heavy Duty Tripod

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Huepar M3Y - Flat Head Heavy Duty Tripod
  • Huepar M3Y - Flat Head Heavy Duty Tripod
  • Huepar M3Y - Flat Head Heavy Duty Tripod
25 550 Ft , (20 118 Ft+VAT)

Industrial use, load capacity 14 kg, quick release.

  • Specifications:

    • Model Number: M3Y
    • Weight (g): 3450
    • Extended Length (mm): 1610
    • Material: aluminum, anodized aluminum die casting
    • Type: heavy duty tripod
    • Leg sections: 2
    • Bubble level: no
    • Mounting thread: industry-standard 5/8"-11 mounting thread
    • Extended range of each leg: 0.96-1.61m
    • Extended working height: 0.36-1.65 m
    • Storage length: 1 m
    • Net weight: 3.45 kg
    • Load capacity: 14 kg



    > STURDY AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Suitable for construction conditions, this tripod is expertly crafted of durable aluminum with high strength to provide long-term durability and use for years to come. With the pointed steel feet, the tripod delivers secure placement on wet, soft, hard and uneven ground for steady measurement applications. The weight of the heavy tripod is 3.45 kg / 7.6 lb that increases installation stability.

    > INDUSTRY-STANDARD 5/8"-11 MOUNTING THREAD: It features a flat head with 5/8"-11 male thread, which is easy to install and securely fixed to the measuring instrument, providing solid and stable support. The mounting knob helps to easily install the lasers, total station, automatic optical level, theodolite, rotary laser and other devices. This duty tripod is also equipped with a string hook for plumb bobs to facilitate the alignment of the theodolite.

    > EXTENDABLE HEIGHT: Huepar M3Y contractor tripod provides expandable height adjustment. Each leg can be extended from 0.96m / 37.80 inch to 1.61 m /63.39 inch. Users can expand the working height of the tripod from 0.36 m / 14.17 inch to 1.65 m / 63 inch for different height working applications.

    > ADJUSTABLE LEGS: High-strength nylon clamps offers easy setup and take-down. After adjusting the tripod's legs to the angle and height required by the user, it can be locked in place using a heavy-duty locking clip. The designed clip is larger in size, enabling users to operate more effortlessly. The metal pedals on the legs provide users with convenient operation and stability during setup and take-down the tripod.

    > ️CARRYING STRAP FOR EASY TRANSPORT: The buckles on the strap can tighten and secure the three legs of the tripod and adjust the length of the carrying strap. The carrying strap makes it easy for users to transport tripod on the job site. The storage length is 1 m/39.37inch, which is convenient for you to put in the trunk. The strap allows you to carry the tripod without difficulty when you’re working on the job site and constantly moving around.



    • Single package size: 101x19x18 cm
    • Single gross weight: 4.5 kg


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    1 year
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    4.5 kg/pcs
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