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Mestek WM710A - non-destructive dielectric moisture meter for near-surface measurements

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Mestek WM710A - non-destructive dielectric moisture meter for near-surface measurements
  • Mestek WM710A - non-destructive dielectric moisture meter for near-surface measurements
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Pinless moisture measurement. Measured depth 20-40 mm. The main application is comparative analysis (on similar material, on similar plots). The measuring method of the instrument is particularly suitable for water damage assessment, leak detection, etc.

  • During the measurement, the instrument determines the dielectric constant of the material and the value displayed is based on this. As with the dielectric constant, the result read on the instrument is dimensionless and is transposed to a value between 0 and 100 for ease of comparison. The result of the measurement is moisture-dependent in the case of a material that can hold water. Air (dry) has a constant of ~1, water ~80. A higher value indicates a higher moisture content. The numerical value is not a percentage moisture content of the material, but a reference: for example, by tracing a wall surface, it is easy to determine the location of a possible leak.

    Building material Humidity range Humidity status
    wood <50 dry
    50-80 risk
    >80 wet
    cement <25 dry
    25-50 risk
    >50 wet
    plaster <30 dry
    30-60 risk
    >60 wet


    • Measured depth: 20-40 mm
    • Measurement range: 0-100
    • Resolution: 0,1
    • Display: colo screen
    • Min/max value
    • Adjustable threshold
    • Data hold
    • Automatic shoutdown: 30 min
    • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
    • Operating humidity: 0-70% RH
    • Storage temperature: -10°-50°C
    • Battery: 3xAAA battery
    • Dimension: 220*63*32 mm
    • Weight: 200 g

    Package Contents: 

    • 1 x  moisture meter
    • 3 x AAA batteries
    • 1 x Portable pouch
    • 1 x Manual
    • Weight: ~290 g
    • Size: 240x70x45 mm


    > Absolutely non-destructive measurement: the wall hygrometer detects moisture non-destructive and sends and receives high-frequency signals to the materials to be tested via a ball probe. With high frequency wave to penetrate thick wall, it can perform non-destructive testing on various materials without inserting electrodes into the materials to be tested. Adopting the high-precision alloy probe and high-performance processing chip, accurate real-time measurements, you can easily measure in corners and other tight areas.

    > Easy to use and automatic calibration: press the "MEAS" button for 3 seconds to complete the automatic calibration. Measuring range up to 0.0-100.0, resolution: 0.1%. Maximum measuring depth: 40 mm. By measuring a single point, MAX/MIN values can be displayed simultaneously. The measurement results WET/RISK/WET can be displayed according to the alarm value, and the user can automatically set the alarm threshold.

    > Large HD colour screen: the moisture meter is equipped with a large HD colour screen (3 inches) and a coloured analogue display bar to make the measurement more intuitive. It has alarm function and data storage function and can record the current reading, which is convenient for recording on site. Automatic shutdown, turn off 30 minutes after no operation.

    > Make your work easier: moisture detector can be used to measure most types of masonry, plaster, wood, concrete, cement, residential and mobile homes. It is an excellent tool for homeowners, builders, carpenters and gardeners to identify leakage and seepage problems. Note: metal materials are not measured.



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