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Noyafa NF-859GK - multifunction TDR cable tester

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Noyafa NF-859GK - multifunction TDR cable tester
  • Noyafa NF-859GK - multifunction TDR cable tester
53 000 Ft , (41 732 Ft+VAT)
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New multifunctional TDR network cable tester: the basic device (transmitter) is the same as the NF-8506; the receiver is a new development: model NF-859G, which has been given new stand-alone functions.

The older main functions of the set are CAT5 CAT6, PoE, ping test, port detection, IP scanner, switch test (speed and transmission mode), continuity test, length measurement, etc.

New features of recevier: PoE information, standalone wire test, crimping test, VFL.


    > Multi-function Cable Tester. Provides a range of essential cable testing and diagnostic functions in one device, including cable tracking, cable continuity testing, cable length testing, PoE checking, PING, port flashing, and more. Ideal for various applications such as network maintenance, data centers, and equipment upgrades.
    > Line Tracking Capability. Accurate detection of both shielded and unshielded network cables. Offers standard and interference-resistant line tracking methods for versatility. Useful for engineering cabling tasks.
    > Cable Continuity Testing. Allows users to ensure the integrity and connectivity of network cables by identifying any breaks, open circuits, or short circuits along the cable's length.
    > Accurate Cable Length Testing. Determines the length of network cables upon insertion. Supports cable length testing within a range of 8.2ft / 2.5m - 200m. Simplifies cable length measurement process.
    > PoE (Power over Ethernet) Testing. Identifies PoE devices efficiently. Detects crossover methods (unknown/end-span/mid-span/8-core power supply) and polarity. Comprehensive PoE detection, including non-standard, IEEE 802.3AF, and IEEE 802.3AT.
    > Network Ping Testing. Quickly assesses network speed issues. Conducts PING tests from multiple locations to gauge server and website response speeds.
    > Port Flashing and Identification. Facilitates quick identification of network cable ports. Indicator lights on the connected port in the device flash to help locate cables accurately. Displays port information including operating rate, duplex mode, and negotiation settings.
    > High-Intensity LED Lighting. Equipped with a built-in electroplated spotlight reflector. Illuminates dark environments for improved visibility during testing and diagnostics.
    > Long-Lasting Battery Life. Powered by a 3.7V 1,500mAh polymer lithium battery. Offers extended usage time for convenience. Supports Type-C charging for easy recharging.

    > Receiver with new functions: stand-alone wire test, VFL, crimping test.

    Product Specifications
     Model NF-859-GK
     Cable scan digital mode / analog mode
     Auto OFF
     Low power notice
     Transmitter  Cable continuity test remote & switch
     Port flash 10 M /100 M /1000 M
     Cable length test 5-200 m (±3 m)
     POE  mid-span / end-span / AT-4 pairs
     PoE voltage test
     Link speed 10 M /100 M /1000 M
    duplex / full duplex / half duplex
     Battery 3.7 V Li-ion battery
     Ping scan function
     IP scan function 
     Transmitter dimensions 150x75x35 mm
     Recevier  Wire detection function anti-interference mode, ordinary mode (used with other models)
     Alignment test Local alignment test and remote alignment test
     Crimping test
     VFL 10 mW
     Low battery indication
     Power supply 3.7 V Li-polymer battery
     Receiver size 200x52x33 mm

    Package list:

    • 1 * Transmitter
    • 1 * Receiver
    • 1 * Pair adapter cable
    • 1 * Tool bag
    • 1 * Recharging cable
    • 1 * User manual
    • size: 24x16x5.5 cm
    • weight: 550 g


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