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DECteam PQH05G - 3 in 1: drill dust collector, green marking laser and leveling laser console in one

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DECteam PQH05G - 3 in 1: drill dust collector, green marking laser and leveling laser console in one
18 520 Ft , (14 583 Ft+VAT)
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3 in 1: laser level, drill dust collector and bracket for laser level. Green laser, better visibility. One push of a button to change dust collector and bracket. The device is suitable for mounting photographs, windows, doors or furniture, paintings, wallpaper and other objects.

  • Decteam PQH05G Specifications:

    • Bracket load: About 5 kg
    • Laser color: green
    • Laser level work distance: >2 m
    • Protection level: IP54
    • Work time: 5 hrs
    • Anti-fall height: 1.2 m
    • Diameter of aperture: 13 mm
    • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
    • Charging voltage/current: 5V/2A
    • inspiratory flow: 2LPM
    • Working noise: ≤60 db
    • Work pressure: -55 Kpa
    • Size: 77*52*190 mm
    • Weight: 350 g


    > Three-in-one laser leveler: It integrates three functions laser level, drill dust collector, and laser level bracket. The laser type is class 2, the maximum output is <1mW. Vertical and horizontal bubble levels ensure more precise measurements from horizontal surfaces when using this laser level. This laser leveling tool can be used to install photos, windows, doors or furniture, paintings, wallpapers, and more.

    > Vacuum suction function: One key to open the vacuum adsorption mode, the operation is simple and convenient. Fix on smooth walls, freeing your hands without the help of nails, tacks, or other glues required, with no damage to the wall. Come with horizontal and vertical horizontal bubble, and 90 degree vertical positioning; laser level meter can cast lines, and positioning markings are more accurate.

    > Electric drill dust collector function: Automatically collect drilling dust, it's easy to catch all the dust from the wall to ensure that each drilling is clean and free of debris! When you need to drill holes in a wall, you can remove the dust collector and use it alone, or you can combine it with a leveling tool to drill where it needs to be leveled. And its clearly visible dust collector box helps you see when the container is full and should be emptied.

    > Long working time and Type-C charging: Built-in 1800mAh battery and equipped with Type-C charging cable, so you can charge it anytime. Fully charged, it can work continuously for 5 hours. When the power indicator is only one indicator left, it means that it needs to be charged immediately. When the pressure indicator is lower than four indicators, which means insufficient suction the machine will restart and absorb the wall again.

    > Accessories: This bracket is suitable for 1/4"-20 mounting thread, equipped with 5/8''-11 mounting thread, and a replaceable sealing strip. The dust collector can be used separately as a dust collector and a bracket, you can remove or install the dust collector or stand with the push of a button. when used as a stand it can be used with other laser levels, projectors, and cameras, with a maximum load of 5 kg.


    Package Include:

    • 1 x PQH05G
    • 1 x Wall mount bracket
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x Manual
    • 1 x Spare sealing strip
    • 1 x 5/8''-11 adapter
    • Size: 21x18x6 cm
    • Weight: 520 g

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