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FNIRSI DSO-TC2 - mini 2-in-1 oscilloscope & transistor tester

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FNIRSI DSO-TC2 - mini 2-in-1 oscilloscope & transistor tester
  • FNIRSI DSO-TC2 - mini 2-in-1 oscilloscope & transistor tester
  • FNIRSI DSO-TC2 - mini 2-in-1 oscilloscope & transistor tester
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FNIRSI DSO-TC2: 2-in-1 handheld oscilloscope & transistor tester. PWM square wave output, diode voltage continuity tester, integrated hidden stand, P6100 high voltage probe.

  • > FNIRSI DSO-TC2 ingeniously integrates digital oscilloscope, electronic component tester, PWM signal generator and other functions into one. Equipped with large-size color dot matrix TFT display. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Bring more practical functions to users with a small size, it also has good portability.

    > DSO-TC2 transistor tester is especially suitable for fast pairing of transistors, identification of mixed surface mount and wordless components, and preliminary screening of small batch components."Mos Test" mode can test various types of transistors, and can identify device type, pin polarity, hFE, turn-on voltage, junction capacitance, can test capacitance, resistance, inductance components, etc.

    > DSO-TC2 handheld oscilloscope has a real-time sampling rate of 2.5 MS/s and a 200 kHz bandwidth. With complete trigger function (Single, Normal, Automatic), it can be used freely for both periodic analog signals and aperiodic digital signals.Equipped with efficient one-key AUTO, the measured waveform can be displayed without cumbersome adjustment.

    > DSO-TC2 transistor tester can automatically identify and measure various transistors.Including NPN and PNP transistors, N-channel and P-channel field effect transistors, junction field effect transistors, diodes, double diodes, thyristors, etc.,and passive components such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, etc.

    Oscilloscope Mode
     Real-time sample rate 2.5 MS/s
     Analog bandwidth 0 ~ 200 kHz
     Input resistance 1 MΩ
     Coupling AC/DC
     Test voltage range 1:1 probe: 80 Vpp (±40 V)
    10:1 probe: 800 Vpp (±400 V)
     Vertical sensitivity 10 mV/Div ~ 10 V/Div (in 1-2-5 increments)
     Vertical displacement adjustable, with indication
     Horizontal time base range 10 μs/Div ~ 500 s/Div (in 1-2-5 increments)
     Trigger mode Automatic, Regular and Single
     Trigger type Rising edge, falling edge
     Trigger level Adjustable, with indication
     Waveform freeze Yes (HOLD function)
     Automatic measurement Maximum, minimum, average, rms, peak-to-peak, frequency, period, duty cycle
     PWM output FRQ: 0 ~ 80 KHz, Duty cycle: 0 ~ 100%, Amplitude: 5.0 V
    Transistor Detector
    Category Scope Technical Parameter
     Triode + Magnification hfe, base-emitter voltage Ube, Ic/Ie, collector-emitter reverse cut-off current Iceo, Ices, protection diode forward voltage drop Uf
     Diode Forward voltage drop <5 V Forward Voltage Drop, Junction Capacitance, Reverse Leakage Current
     Zener diode 0.01 V ~ 4.5 V (1-2-3 test area) forward voltage drop, reverse breakdown voltage
    0.01 V ~ 24 V (K-A-A test area) reverse breakdown voltage
     FET JFET Gate capacitance Cg, drain current Id at Vgs, protection diode forward voltage drop Uf
    IGBT Drain current Id at Vgs, protection diode forward voltage drop Uf
    MOSFET Turn-on voltage Vt, gate capacitance Cg, drain-source resistance Rds, protection diode forward voltage drop Uf
     SCRS Turn-on voltage <5 V, gate trigger current <6 mA Gate voltage
     Capacitance 25 pF ~ 100 mF Capacitance value, loss factor Vloss
     Resistance 0.01 Ω ~ 50 MΩ Resistance
     Inductance 10 µH ~ 1000 µH Inductance value, DC resistance
     Battery 0.1 V ~ 4.5 V Voltage value, positive and negative polarity
     Input voltage 0 ~ 16 V Voltage value
     Temperature (DS18B20) + Temperature
     Humidity (DHT1) + Humidity
     PWM output 1.5 kHz ~ 9.99 MHz *
     Infrared remote control decoding NEC protocol infrared code Display user code and data code, and display the corresponding infrared waveform
    General Specifications
     Display 2.4 inch TFT color screen, LED backlight
     Powered by 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
     Charging USB Type-C, 5 V
     Dimensions 79 mm × 31 mm × 103 mm
     Weight 297 g
    Note : Ices, Iceo, Uf are displayed only when valid
    Note : Junction capacitance and reverse leakage current are displayed only when valid
    Note : The turn-on or turn-off voltage of the FET must be less than 5V
    Note : Displayed only when there is a protection diode
    Note : Vloss is only displayed when valid
    Note : Two-pin component and inductance measurement when the resistance is less than 2.1 kΩ

    Packing list:

    • DSO-TC2 Tester
    • Adapters
    • P6100 High Voltage Probe
    • Type-C cable
    • Test probe (3)
    • Regular Probe
    • English Manual
    • Package weight: 350 g (with adapter)
    • Package size: 140x125x60 mm

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