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FNIRSI SG-003A - signal generator: 0-24 V adjustable current voltage simulator 4-20 mA

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FNIRSI SG-003A - signal generator: 0-24 V adjustable current voltage simulator 4-20 mA
  • FNIRSI SG-003A - signal generator: 0-24 V adjustable current voltage simulator 4-20 mA
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FNIRSI SG-003A is a pocket-sized single-channel digital signal generator in impact-resistant housing. The device generates voltage and current signals, simulating signals from sensors, control systems, and PWM signals. This signal generator is mainly used for debugging of industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, electric valve, etc.

  • > Multifunctional Signal Generator: The SG-003A is a fully functional, practical and cost-effective professional function generator. 4 groups of common signal values can be preset, which is convenient to quickly adjust the output.And support multiple signal switching, 0-24mA Current Signal,0 to 24V Voltage Signal, XMT Passive Current Signal,Hz Pulse Signal and other signal.And the input signal can be converted into an output signal among different physical quantities.

    > Real-time Curve Display: The changing trend of input and output signals can be displayed by drawing a real-time curve, and the sampling time of the curve can be set. The current-voltage analog simulator can also automatically adjust the display curve within the range of the maximum and minimum values within a certain period of time.

    > Programming Output: The current generator has the output function of automatically and continuously changing the size according to the setting parameters, and can choose three modes: monotonous rise, monotonous fall and cycle.

    > Multiple Port Signal Generator: The function generators adopts 4 inner diameters and 4mm wiring ports on the top surface. The Blue port(IN-) is an alternate function and it is also an input- that can be switched to a 24V independent test power supply. Red(OUT) port and black(COM) port form an output port. Yellow(IN+) and Blue(IN-) form the input port. Different color identification allows you to better distinguish input and output ports.

    > Portable Design & Long Standby: The voltage generator with 2.4inch high definition screen, high quality materiels, lightweight and portable,durable enough for long term use, with the protective silicone covers on both sides of the instrument, which can protective the product and prolong the service time of it. Built-in 3000mA-H rechargeable battery. It can work continuously for more than 8 hours after fully charged.


    FNIRSI SG-003A specifications
     Active current output 0-24 mA, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,005), resolution 0.01 mA, maximum load: 750 Ω
     Passive current output 0-24 mA, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,005), resolution 0.01 mA, external power supply: 0-30 V
     Voltage output 0-24 V, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,005), resolution 0.01 V
     24V loop 0-24 V, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,005), resolution 0.01 mA
     Frequency (Hz) output 0-9999Hz, ±2%, 5 digits
     Current input measurement 0-24 mA, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,05), resolution 0.01 mA
     Voltage input measurement 0-30 V, accuracy ± (0,1%+0,05), resolution 0.01 V
    General Specifications
     Display 2-inch LCD, 320×240
     Interface USB Type-C (5 V)
     Power built-in 3.7 V lithium battery with 3000 mAh capacity
     Continuous battery life around 8 hours
     Working temperature -0℃ ~ 50℃
     Dimensions 112 mm × 82 mm × 27 mm
     Weight 165 g


    The package:

    • 1xFNIRSI SG-003A
    • 4xTest Clip
    • 1xType-C charging cable
    • 1xEU charger
    • 1xUser manual
    • Package size: 15,5x14,5x9 cm
    • Package weight: 480 g

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