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Habotest HT89 - voltage detector: AC 12-300 V

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Habotest HT89 - voltage detector: AC 12-300 V
3 890 Ft , (3 063 Ft+VAT)
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Voltage detector, voltmeter: AC/DC 12-300 V, LCD display, flashlight, sound and light alarm, breakpoint detection, identification of zero and live wire. Battery included.

  • Features:
    > AC Voltage Detection: AC voltage range of 12~300V. Detect the AC voltage and distinguish the neutral-live wire according to the voltage.
    > Sound and Light Dual Alarm: When measuring voltage, display screen and buzzer double prompt.
    > Flashlight: LED light function provides light in dark environments.
    > Wire Conduction Function: If the wire is connected normally , the "--C" buzzer will be displayed. If the wire is open, the electroprobe will not respond.
    > Auto Power Off: After about 5 minutes without any operation and no signal detection, the voltage detector will be automatically shut down to extend the battery life.
    > Inductive Mode Measuring: When the probe of the test pen is placed close to the AC voltage source, the buzzer sounds. With this function, you can distinguish between zero and live wires, or find the break point of the wire.


     Display √ , LCD
     Range of voltage detection AC 12-300 V
    50-60 Hz
     Measurement error
    ±(5% + 3)
     Connect detection
     Battery positive detection
     Alarm mode Sound and light alarm
     Probe shape Prolate shape
     Backlight Red and green double color backlight
     Live and Neutral According to LCD's display
     Signal intensity indication method Sound from slow to fast; backlight from green to red; LCD data from small to big
     Auto power off No operation, no sensing signal will shut down automatically in about 5 minutes.
     Operating temperature
     Storage temperature
    ≤2000 m
     Low-battery indication
     Power Supply 1x1.5 V AAA batteries
     Weight ~ 40 g / 50 g
     Size 147x23x26 mm
     Safety rating EN61010-1,-2-030; EN61326-1,CAT III 300 V

    The package:

    • 1 * Voltage Tester
    • 1 * Manual (English)
    • 1 * AAA battery
    • Size: 16*4*2.5 cm
    • Weight: 60 g


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    1 year
    Out of stock
    Article No.
    100 g/pcs
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