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Huepar CS061 - mini chainsaw: 15 cm, 550 W, cordless

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Huepar CS061 - mini chainsaw: 15 cm, 550 W, cordless
  • Huepar CS061 - mini chainsaw: 15 cm, 550 W, cordless
28 900 Ft , (22 756 Ft+VAT)
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15 cm cutting edge, 550 W motor, 2 Li-ion batteries, 4 chains, 10 m/s chain speed, safety goggles, protective gloves, hard case.


    Highly Efficient Cutting - The cordless mini chainsaw uses a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deeply quenched process to ensure smooth cutting. The 550 W pure copper motor and 2×21 V high-power batteries enable the chain saw to reach a chain speed of 32.8 ft/s (10 m/s), and it only takes 7 seconds to cut logs with a diameter of 5" (12.7 cm). Choose the Huepar CS061 mini chainsaw to make cutting branches or logs quick and easy, quickly increasing your cutting efficiency.

    Portable & One Hand Using - The mini chainsaw (including battery) weighs about 2.6 lb (1.2 kg) and has a total length of about 17 inches (43.2 cm). The handheld design makes it comfortable to hold in hand and easy to control, small in size, and very suitable for family and outdoor work. Even women and the elderly can easily control it, and will not feel tired after a long time of use. Chainsaw equipped with a hard-shell carrying case makes it easy to carry and store at home.

    Large Capacity Battery Pack - 1500 mAh lithium batteries only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge, and they can operate for about 40 minutes. 2 pack lithium batteries allow you to use a mini chainsaw outdoors without worrying about running out of power. These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with self-overload and temperature protection provide longer battery life, while also making mini chainsaw use safer and more durable.

    Safe and Reliable - 4 safety measures and product design ensure the safe and reliable use of mini chainsaws: ①Security switch lock to prevent accidental activation to protect your body.②2 removable Baffles prevent debris from flying and scratching hands.③Comes with goggles to protect the glasses from wood chips.④2 pairs of gloves to better protect your hands when you use the mini chainsaw.

    The package:

    • 1 x Mini Chainsaw
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Small Screwdriver
    • 4 x 6-inch Chains
    • 2 x Batteries
    • 2 x Gloves
    • 1 x Goggles
    • 1 x Hard-Shell Carrying-Case
    • 1 x Instruction Manual
    • weight: 2,8 kg
    • size: 36x21x13 cm

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