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Huepar AL-32X - Automatic Optical Level, 32x Zoom, 120m

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Huepar AL-32X - Automatic Optical Level,  32x Zoom, 120m
49 700 Ft , (39 134 Ft+VAT)
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For everyday use, professional optical instrument. 32x zoom, 120 meter range.

    • Features:

      ️OUTDOOR PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: Thanks to its wide aperture of 36mm that can magnify the image up to 32x, the Huepar AL-32X Automatic Optical Level allows you to work within a range of 393Ft without issues even in low light conditions. The use of high-speed lens results in high quality imaging, ensuring accurate measurements. The level provides excellent accuracy of 1/16" at 100Ft and the standard deviation per Km (double run leveling) can reach 1.0 mm.
    • ️DURABLE DESIGN & MAGNETIC DAMPING: The level features the metal housing and IP54 protection for weather resistance and durability. The magnetic damping system is used internally and the magnetic field force generated is always stable, which can quickly stabilize the system and reduce the effects of jobsite vibration. Therefore, the level stability, accuracy and seismic performance are better, making the measurement more accurate.
    • ️SELF-LEVELING COMPENSATOR WITH LOCK: The Huepar AL-32X Automatic Optical Level features a self-leveling magnetic dampened compensator with transport lock. The lock-out device can protect compensator during transportation and extend its service life. In addition, the user can also use it to examine whether the suspension spring of the compensator is damaged by vibration after transportation or not and check the working state of the compensator.
    • ️EASY SET-UP AND ALIGNMENT: This high performance level has three thumb leveling screws and a 90 degree prism to quickly align circular bubbles to level the machine. The bottom of the level offers 5/8" mounting threads that can be fixed on a tripod. After installation and calibration, users can use the focus knob to quickly focus and then start measuring.


    • Magnification: 32X
    • Clear Objective Aperture: 36mm
    • Working Range: 120m
    • Height Accuracy for an Individual Measurement: 1,5mm/30m
    • Leveling Type: magnetically dampened compensator
    • Compensator Setting Accuracy: ±0.3”
    • Deviation for 1 km Double Run Leveling: 1.0 mm
    • Telescope Image: erect
    • Minimum Measuring Distance: 30cm
    • Field of View: 1°30’
    • Leveling Range of Compensator: ±15’
    • Stadia Ratio: 100;
    • Stadia Addition: 0
    • Accuracy of Circular Vial: 8’/2mm
    • Horizontal Circle Graduation: 1°
    • Tripod Mount Thread: 5/8”

    Items in the Package

    • 1 x Hard Shell Carrying Case
    • 1 x Huepar 32x Automatic Optical Level
    • 1 x Adjusting Pin
    • 1 x Allen Wrench
    • 1 x User Manual
    • weight: 2,6 kg
    • dimensions: 29,5x20,5x20 cm


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