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Huepar GL01G - Green Laser Enhancement Glasses

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Huepar GL01G - Green Laser Enhancement Glasses
  • Huepar GL01G - Green Laser Enhancement Glasses
1 700 Ft , (1 339 Ft+VAT)

Depending on the environment, these glasses can improve laser visibility and reduce eye fatigue. It is important to note that they do not provide protection against the damaging effects of laser light directly in the eye, and in addition to the above-mentioned properties, they can only be used as a general protective equipment!


    • Improved Laser Visibility: When the power of the laser tool is weak and the laser beam is dark, wearing the glasses GL01G can increase the visibility of the green laser line or the green laser point to some extent. (Please note these laser glasses can only for better visibility, not for protection.)
    • Reduce Eye Pressure: Filter glasses GL01G can help you filter light in other colors besides green in nature. If you feel eye fatigue from the bright or flashing laser beam, wearing glasses help relieve eye pressure.
    • Adjustable frame - for wearers of glasses: The length of the arms is adjustable for 4 modes by about 2 cm (9 - 11.4 cm). The side and nose pieces fit perfectly without the slipping by adjusting the length of the arm. You don't need to take off myopia or farsighted glasses, you can directly wear the GL01G glasses outside.
    • Ultralight Design and Good Durability: Adopt ultra-light plastic, the weight of the glasses is only 18g, no pressure for long time wearing and ensures maximum comfort.
    • Two holes for convenient use: There are two holes at the ends of the arm that can pass through the rope to facilitate hanging around the neck or on the wall.


    The package:

    • 1 x glasses
    • 1 x protective box
    • size: 18x8x7 cm
    • weight: 120 g


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    120 g/pcs
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