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Huepar HG01 - Heat gun: 2300 W, 50-660°C, LCD display

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Huepar HG01 - Heat gun: 2300 W, 50-660°C, LCD display
22 800 Ft , (17 953 Ft+VAT)
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Huepar HG01 heat gun: 2300 W, 50-660°C, LCD display, many accessories. Temperature adjustable every 10°C, pre-cooling function before switch-off.

  • > LCD Digital Display & Temperature Unit Switching: The heat gun comes with an LCD digital screen, which allows you to know the temp and air volume of the machine and adjust accurately in real time. The hot gun can switch between °F or °C temperature units just press the plus button to switch temperature units

    > Temperature & Air Flow Adjustable: The heat temperature gun can be adjusted arbitrarily between 50°C-660°C, and it will increase or decrease by 10 each time it is pressed. (It can adjust the temperature quickly with a long press.) There are six stage air settings that can be selected by pressing the air setting button. It is great for your different tasks.

    > Fast Heating/Cooling & Overload Protection: The hot air gun has a powerful heating engine, which can quickly heat up in a short time. When the heating gun is powered off in after use, it will shut down after 30 seconds of cooling and the word “COOL” and air flow block will show on the LCD display. Our heat guns also possess an overload protector to avoid damaging your units and circuit, ensuring long-term durability and safety.

    > 5 Nozzles & Various Accessories: The heat hot air gun has nozzles with different shapes and functions, tower nozzle, reflector nozzle, glass protector nozzle, fishtail nozzle and hook nozzle. At the same time, putty shovel and scraper (triangle scraper, club scraper and horseshoe scraper) are also included in the package. You can use these nozzles and accessories for different work conditions.

    > Scientific Ergonomic Design & Application: The lightweight heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design (Silicone non-slip handle), which can effectively reduce fatigue after long-term use. This product is suitable for defrosting water pipes, softening plastic pipes, drying paint, shrinking PVC, loosening rusted bolts, etc.

    The package:

    • cardboard box
    • heat gun
    • power cord
    • 10 accessories
    • manual
    • devive weight: ~600 g
    • package weight: 1,35 kg
    • package size: 25x14,5x10 cm

  • manufacturer
    In stock
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    1.35 kg/pcs
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