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Huepar HTi80P - Pocket-Sized IR Thermal Imager

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Huepar HTi80P - Pocket-Sized IR Thermal Imager
  • Huepar HTi80P - Pocket-Sized IR Thermal Imager
  • Huepar HTi80P - Pocket-Sized IR Thermal Imager
  • Huepar HTi80P - Pocket-Sized IR Thermal Imager
98 980 Ft , (77 937 Ft+VAT)
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Huepar HTi80P Pocket-Sized Thermal Imager - The Best and Convenient Choice for home or professional testing.

  • Specifications:


    • Temperature range: -10℃~400℃ / 14°F~752°F
    • Basic accuracy: ±2.0℃ or ±2%
    • Emissivity: 0.95 default (0.1 ~0.99 adjustable)
    • Measurement resolution: 0.1℃/0.1°F
    • IR resolution: 4800 pixels (80*60) & Display resolution: 320*240 pixels
    • Color palette: Rainbow, iron red, white heat, fast thermal tracking
    • Wavelength range: 8μm~14μm
    • Field of view (FOV): 51°(H)*38°(V)
    • Thermal sensitivity: <150mk(0.15℃)
    • Frame rate: ≤9Hz
    • Display type: 2.4" TFT LCD
    • Battery: 3.7V/1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery & Charging Time: 2~2.5 hours
    • Storage card: 16 GB Micro SD card


    ️FAST THERMAL & TEMPERATURE TRACKING: The fast heat tracking function is convenient for users to quickly select the high temperature location. The temperature values will be displayed on the screen to help users know the highest temperature, lowest temperature and center point temperature.

    ️SUFFICIENT TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT RANGE & ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY: This thermal imager can detect -10 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ and comes with switchable temperature unit, high and low temperature alarm, adjustable emissivity frequency from 0.1 to 0.99 can be adjusted for different measured objects, combing with both infrared resolution 80 * 60 pixel, accuracy ± 2%, Thermal sensitivity ≤ 150mk(0.15℃)and the 51°(H)*38°(V) Field of view. Whether it is for home testing or professional testing, it will be your idea

    ️THREE COLOR PALETTES: There are three color palettes to choose from -Rainbow, Iron Red and White Heat Mode. The Rainbow Mode focuses on display colors and suitable for high thermal contrast conditions, improving the color contrast between high and low temperatures. Iron red mode provides a palette of uniform linear colors, designed for observing the gradual change of temperature. White heat mode can be used in the case of high and low temperature differences between the measured objects.

    ️POCKET-SIZE AND 1/4" THREAD: The pocket-sized thermal imaging camera 76*76*22 mm body design is only half the size of an ordinary mobile phone, which is lightweight and compact. The thermal imager also offers 1/4"-20 mounting thread to suit for standard tripod. Rechargeable lithium battery and 320 * 240 pixel 2.4 "TFT LCD display provide you with convenient and long time inspection.

    ️FREE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE & APPLICATIONS: The test image can be imported to a computer and analyzed by using free analysis software. The machine can store 5000 pictures, and the parameters of the test image can be viewed in the machine. The thermal imager can be applied to car inspection and PCBA inspection, buildings and mechanical systems, which includes water penetration, HVAC Inspection, heat or cooling loss, blockages or leaks in plumbing systems, malfunctioning mechanical systems.


    Items in the Package:

    • 1 x Huepar HTi80P
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x 16 GB SD card
    • 1 x case
    • 1 x English User's Manual
    • weight: 440 g
    • size: 13x12x9 cm


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