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Noyafa NF-601 - electromagnetic radiation detector, EMF tester

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Noyafa NF-601 - electromagnetic radiation detector, EMF tester
17 880 Ft , (14 079 Ft+VAT)
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For measuring low frequency magnetic and electric fields. It helps to make workplaces safer and minimise the harmful effects on pregnant women, babies, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

  • > Electric and magnetic field detection. Accurately measures both electric and magnetic fields, providing a comprehensive understanding of your environment's radiation levels. The measurement range for electric fields is from 1 - 1,999 V/m with 1 V/m accuracy level, and for magnetic fields is from 0.01 - 99.99 µT with 0.01 µT accuracy level.
    > Real-time monitoring and audio-visual alarm. The real-time monitoring feature ensures that potential electromagnetic radiation threats are detected and addressed promptly. You will receive immediate alerts through audible alarms and visual indicators when radiation levels exceed safety thresholds.
    > Compact and portable handheld device. Carry your safety shield with you wherever you go. The NF-601 is designed to be conveniently portable, ensuring you're protected no matter where you are.
    > Data lock. Lock in crucial readings for precise assessment and analysis.
    > Backlit display. Clear and easily readable display with backlight, ensuring effortless readings even in low-light conditions.
    > Care for the vulnerable. Highlights the potential harm of radiation to pregnant women, babies, and the elderly, emphasizing the importance of minimizing exposure.

    Noyafa NF-601
      Electric field Magnetic field
     Unit V/m μT
     Accuracy 1 V/m 0.01 μT
     Measurement range 1~1999 V/m 0,01~99.99 μT
     Alarm threshold 45 V/m 0.4 μT
     Test bandwidth 5 Hz ~ 3500 Hz
     Test mode Dual-mode simultaneous measurement
     Sampling time <0.5 s
     Data lock
     Audio-visual alerm
     Radiation assessment
     Battery 2xAA dry battery
     Operating temperature 0~50°C
     Product size 124x59x29 mm
     Product weight 155 g


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