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Noyafe NF-912 - PON optical power meter

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Noyafe NF-912 - PON optical power meter
  • Noyafe NF-912 - PON optical power meter
58 900 Ft , (46 378 Ft+VAT)
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domestic- 24h; international- 24-72h
  • Three Wave Length Wide Range - Measurement for Filter wave, Take measurement for optical power for all 1490 nm /1550 nm /1310 nm three wave standard at the same time. 1330 nm measures the uplink transmission direction, 1490 and 1550 can measure the downlink direction test.
  • Dual Port Direct Design - Ensure the communication from OLT to ONT during testing period
  • Quickly Diagnose the Network Problems - Implementing intelligent algorithm to test the network, Widely used in operation and maintenance for fiber communication, fiber sensor and fiber CAT field.
  • Built-in Lithium Battery - Built-in 3.4V/1440mAh lithium battery, rechargeable to continue working.
  • Humanized Design - The product is designed with soft silicone and has a bracket, which can reduce the loss caused by impact or fall and make your use more convenient. In addition, it also has an automatic shutdown function, you can set the time and threshold.
  • SC/FC general-purpose interface.



     Calibration wavelength  (nm) 1310 Uplink test 1490 Downlink Test 1550 Downlink Test
     Passband (nm) 1260~1360 1480~1500 1535~1570
     Detection range (dBm) -35~+10 -50~+10 -50~+10
     lsolation 1310 nm (dB) >40 > 40
     lsolation 1490 nm (dB) >40 >40
     lsolation 1550 nm (dB) >40 >40
     Precision (dB) ±0.5
     Linearity ±2%
     Fiber optic adapter SC/FC general-purpose interface
     Reference value setting
     Battery type 3.7V /1440 mAh lithium battery
     Battery life (h) >50
     Use temperature -10%~+50°C, <90% RH
     Storage temperature -20%~+60°C,<90% RH
     Product size (mm) 182*105*50
    packaging size (mm)
    Packaging weight (g)


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