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Noyafa NF-918S - Network cable tester with 6 wavelength PON optical power meter

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Noyafa NF-918S - Network cable tester with 6 wavelength PON optical power meter
  • Noyafa NF-918S - Network cable tester with 6 wavelength PON optical power meter
33 900 Ft , (26 693 Ft+VAT)
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Network cable tester for ethernet (RJ45) and optical cables. 850 /1300 /1310 /1490 /1550 /1625 nm optical power tester, VFL, PoE, scanning, cross, open, short circuit testing.

  • > Comprehensive Cable Testing: This advanced tool allows you to test a wide range of cable types, including Ethernet cables (RJ45), coaxial cables, and phone lines, making it suitable for various networking and telecommunications applications.

    > Cable Fault Detection: Easily detect cable faults such as open circuits, short circuits, and crosstalk issues, enabling you to troubleshoot and resolve connectivity problems efficiently.

    > Tone Generator and Probe: The built-in tone generator and probe kit allow for cable tracing and identification, making it simple to locate and label cables in complex network setups.

    > PoE Detection: With Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection capabilities, you can identify PoE switches and determine the available power on the network cable, making it useful for IP cameras and VoIP phone installations.

    > Backlit LCD Display: The NF-918S features a clear, backlit LCD that provides essential information and test results, even in low-light conditions.

    > User-Friendly Design: This cable tester is designed with ease of use in mind, featuring a handheld, portable design with intuitive controls, ensuring that both beginners and experienced technicians can use it effectively.

     Model of product NF-918S
     Voltage protection 60 V
     Charging mode Type-C recharging
     Transmitter  CONT Cable type RJ45
    CONT on PoE Switcher
    Short, open, cross
    Short circuit prompting
     SCAN Analog/Digital mode
     VFL 10 mw
     Wavelength 850 /1300 /1310 /1490 /1550 /1625 nm
     Optical power range  -70~10 dBm
     QC test RJ45-8P /RJ11, the shortest length >10cm
     Low voltage prompting function Power supply indicator flashes < 3.5 V ±0.1 V
     Power supply 3.7 V 1500 mAh lithium battery
     Auto power-off 30 minutes (can be turned off)
     Size 133x69x32 mm
     Receiver  Sensitivity adjustable
     LED lighting
     Low voltage prompting
     Power Supply 3.7 V 1400 mAh lithium battery
     Size 198x50x32 mm
     The package  Weight 660 g
     Size 24x16x8 cm
     Contents transmitter, recevier, tool kit, manual, RJ11 alligator clip wire, RJ11 telephone wire, RJ45 network cable, headphones, charging cable


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