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WANPTEK APS605H - programmable laboratory power supply: 60 V, 5 A, 300 W, 4 digits

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WANPTEK APS605H - programmable laboratory power supply: 60 V, 5 A, 300 W, 4 digits
  • WANPTEK APS605H - programmable laboratory power supply: 60 V, 5 A, 300 W, 4 digits
58 750 Ft , (46 260 Ft+VAT)
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Programmable DC lab power supply: 60 V, 5 A, 300 W, USB fast charge, 4-digit display.

The APS series products are three window four position displays with data storage, programmable switch DC regulated power supply, and can simultaneously display voltage, current, and power. The use of a coding potentiometer can continuously adjust the output voltage and current between 0 and the nominal value, and can pre display the set value for easy use and adjustment. This device has USB fast charging function and supports multiple fast charging protocols. Equipped with perfect OVP and OCP short-circuit protection circuits, this product also provides upper computer communication function (optional), making it convenient for users to remotely control PC and other main control devices through USB data cables. The stability and ripple coefficient of the power supply are very good. It has a small size, beautiful design, convenient operation.


     Model APS305 APS3010 APS605 APS1203 APS1602
     Output Power 150 W 300 W 300 W 360 W 320 W
     Output voltage 0~30 V 0~30 V 0~60 V 0~120 V 0~160 V
     Output current 0~5 A 0~10 A 0~5 A 0~3 A 0~2 A
     Auxiliary functions USB fast charge, output on and off, data storage,USB host computer communication (Optional)
     Protection mode OVP over voltage protection, OCP over current protection, over temperature protection, short circuit alarm stop output.
    Working environment
     Input voltage AC 230 V / 115 V ±10%;50 Hz / 60 Hz
     Working temperature 0℃~40℃; relative humidity:<80%RH
     Storage temperature -10℃~70℃;  relative humidity:<70%RH
    Constant voltage CV
     Voltage stability 0.5%±3 mV
     Load stability 0.5%±3 mV
    Ripple voltage ≤0.5% Vp-p
     Adjust 0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
    Constant current CC
     Current stability 0.5%±3 mA
     Load stability 0.5%±3 mA
     Ripple current ≤0.5% Ap-p
     Recovery time ≤500 μS
     Temperature coefficient ≤100 ppm/℃
     Adjust 0 to rated current continuously adjustable
     Type 0.4 inch white light four-digit digital tube three groups display
     Display accuracy 0.5% ±digits
     Display resolution:  0.01 V; 0.001 A
    Size, weight, attachments
     Product size 190x90x145 mm
     Product weight 1.15 kg
     Packing size 65x135x195 mm
     Gross weight 1.5 kg
     Attchments power cord, instructions, test line


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