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Hantek DSO2C10 - storage oscilloscope: 2CH, 100 MHz, 1GSa/s, 8M

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Hantek DSO2C10 - storage oscilloscope: 2CH, 100 MHz, 1GSa/s, 8M
104 880 Ft , (82 583 Ft+VAT)
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The lab oscilloscope is with 100 MHz bandwidth; 8 M memory depth; 1 GSa/s real-time sampling rate and vertical resolution 8bit; 2 channels which are respectively controlled by independent knobs.

  • The Hantek DSO2000 series oscilloscope is an evolution of the DSO5000P series, but with better cost. It employs a new generation of technology that provides excellent signal fidelity and performance.

    It covers the bandwidths from 100 MHz to 150 MHz, and provide the real-time up to 1 GSa/s. In addition, they have 7 inch color TFT LCD as well as WINDOWS-style interfaces and menus for easy operation.

    What’s more, the plenty menu information and the easy-to-operate buttons allow you to gain information as much as possible in measurement; the multifunctional knobs and the powerful shortcut keys help you save a lot of time in operation; the Auto Scale function lets you detect sine and square waves automatically.

    The Hantek DSO2000 Series includes 4 models: DSO2D15, DSO2D10, DSO2C15, DSO2C10.

      DSO2D15 DSO2D10 DSO2C15 DSO2C10
     Bandwidth 150 MHz 100 MHz 150 MHz 100 MHz
     Oscilloscope channels 2 CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 CH
     Waveform generator 1 CH 1 CH  -  -
     Horizontal scale range 2ns/div~100s/div  1, 2, 5 step by step
     Delta time measurement accuracy (full bandwidth) Single, sampling mode ± (1 sample interval +100ppm × reading + 0.6ns)
    > 16 times above average ± (1 sample interval + 100ppm × reading + 0.4ns)
    Sample interval = s/div ÷ 200
     Vertical resolution 8 bits resolution, each channel samples simultaneously
     Vertical sensitivity 2mV/div to 10V/div
     Offset range ≥ 200mV/div, ±1V; < 200mV/div ±50V
     Bandwidth limit 20MHz
     Low frequency response (-3db) In BNC position ≤ 10Hz
     Rising time in BNC position (typical) 2.4ns 3.5ns 2.4ns 3.5ns
     Vertical gain accuracy ±3% for normal or average acquisition mode, 10V/div to 10mV/div
    ±4% for normal or average acquisition mode, 5mV/div to 2mV/div
     Vertical offset accuracy ±0.1div±2mV±1% Offset
     Sample rate 1GSa/s (single channel) 500MSa/s (two channels)
     Equivalent sampling 50GSa/s
     Acquisition modes Normal, peak, average and high resolution
     Waveform interpolation (sin x)/x
     Acquisition rate, typical Up to 2000 waveform per second per channel (Normal acquisition mode, no
     Minimum detection pulse width 2ns
     Single sequence  Acquisition mode Acquisition stop time
     Normal, peak detect Upon single acquisition on all channels simultaneously
     Average After N acquisitions on all channels simultaneously, N can be set to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128
     Memory depth Single channel maximum 8M; two channels maximum 4M
     Trigger mode Auto, Normal, single
     Level CH1~CH2 ±5 divisions from the center of the screen
    EXT (Only With AWG Model) 0~3.3V
     Holdoff range 20ns~10s
     Trigger level accuracy CH1~CH2 0.2 div×volts/div within ±4 divisions from the center of the screen
     Trigger Sensitivity ±0.2div
     Edge trigger Slope Rising, falling, rising & falling
    Signal source CH1, CH2, EXT(Only With AWG Model)
     Pulse width trigger Polarity Positive, negative
    Condition <, >, !=, =
    Signal source CH1~CH2
    Width range 8ns ~ 10s
     Video trigger Signal standard NTSC, PAL
    Signal source CH1~CH2
    Synchronization Scanning line, line number, odd field, even field, all field
     Slope trigger Slope rising, falling
    Condition <, >, !=,  =
    Signal source CH1 ~ CH1
    Time range 8ns ~ 10s
     Overtime trigger Signal source CH1~CH2
    Polarity Positive polarity, negative polarity
    Time range 8ns ~ 10s
     Window trigger Signal source CH1~CH2 
     Pattern trigger Pattern 0: low level; 1: high level; X: ignore
    Level CH1~CH1
     Interval trigger Slope rising, falling
    Condition <, >,  !=,  =
    Signal source CH1~CH1
    Time range 8ns ~ 10s
     Under Amp trigger Polarity Positive polarity, negative polarity
    Condition <, >, !=, =
    Signal source CH1~CH1
    Time range 8ns ~ 10s
     UART trigger Condition Start, Stop, data, Parity ERR, COM ERR
    Signal source CH1~CH2 
    Data format Hex (hexadecimal)
    Data length 0 byte
    Data bit width 4 bit, 6 bit, 7 bit, 8 bit
    Parity check none, odd, even
    Idle level high, low
    Baud rate (selectable) 110 /300 /600 /1200 /2400 /4800 /9600 /14400 /19200 /38400 /57600 /115200 /230400 /380400 /460400 bit/s
    Baud rate (user-defined) 300bit/s~334000bit/s
     LIN trigger Condition Interval field, synchronization field, ID field, synchronization error, identifier, ID and data
    Signal source CH1~CH1
    Data format Hex
    Baud rate (selectable) 110 /300 /600 /1200 /2400 /4800 /9600 /14400 /19200 /38400 /57600 /115200 /230400 /380400 /460400 bit/s
    Baud rate (user-defined) 300bit/s~334000bit/s
     CAN trigger Condition Start bit, remote frame ID, data frame ID, frame ID, data frame data, error frame, all errors, ACK Error, overload frame
    Signal source CH1~CH1
    Data format Hex
    Baud rate (selectable) 10000, 20000, 33300, 500000, 62500, 83300, 100000, 125000, 250000, 500000, 800000, 999999
    Baud rate (user-defined) 5kbit/s~1Mbit/s  
     SPI trigger Signal source CH1~CH1
    Data format Hex
    Data length 4, 8, 16, 24, 31
     IIC trigger Signal source (SDA/SCL) CH1~CH1
    Data format Hex
    Data index 0~2
    Condition Start bit, stop bit, No Ack, address, restart, address and data
     Number of channels 2 analog channels
     Input coupling DC, AC, GND
     Input impedance 20pF±3pF, 1MΩ±2%
    Supported probe attenuation  1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
     Voltage rating 300V CAT II
     Maximum input voltage 300VRMS (10X)
     Isolation between channels >40dB
     Delay deviation between channels <500ps
     Cursor Voltage difference between cursors: △V
    Time difference between cursors: △T
    Reciprocal of △T in Hertz (1/△T)
     Auto measurement PkPk, Frequency, Average, Max, Min, Period, Vtop, Vmid, Vbase, Vamp, RMS, R-Overshoot, PeriodRms, F-Preshoot, PeriodRms, PeriodAvg, RiseTime, FallTime, + Width,- Width, + Duty, - Duty, FRR, FFF, F-Overshoot, R-preshoot, BWidth, FRF, FFR, LRR, LRF, LFR and LFF
     DVM Data source CH1, CH1
    Measurement type DC RMS, AC RMS, DC
    Frequency meter hardware 6 bits
    Math operation
     Source CH1~CH2
    Operator +, -, ×, ÷, FFT
     FFT Point 1024
    Window Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Bartlett, Flattop
    Display Show only or show all
    Vertical scale dB, VRms
     Save/recall (non-volatile) 9 types of files can be saved and recalled internally, including settings, waveforms, and references
     Save to external memory CSV file, BMP picture (24 bit)
    Arbitrary waveform generator
     Channel 1 x
     Standard waveforms sine, square, ramp,Exp, noise, DC x
     Sin Frequency range 0.1Hz~25MHz x
     Square Frequency range 0.1Hz~10MHz x
    Duty 1%~99% x
     Ramp Frequency range 0.1Hz~1MHz x
    Symmetry 1%~100% x
    Exponential Frequency range 0.1Hz~5MHz x
     Noise Bandwith >25MHz x
     DC Offset 1.75V(50Ω), 3.5V(High resistance) x
     Arbitrary wave Frequency range 0.1Hz~5MHz x
    Wave length 4096 x
    Support PC download and external memory recall x
     Output impedance 50 Ω+1%, high impedance x
     Amplitude 5mV~3.5Vpp(50Ω); 10mV~7Vpp (High impedance) x
     Amplitude accuracy ±3dB x
     Waveform depth 4KSa x
     Frequency Accuracy 99 ppm (<10 kHz) 50 ppm (>10 kHz) x
    Resolution 1uHz x
    General specifications
     Display Display type 7'' TFT 
    Display resolution 800 (horizontal)*480 (vertical) pixels
    Display colour 15 million colours (24 bits true colour)
    Persistence time minimum, 1 s, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, infinite
    Display type dot, vector
    Display brightness adjustable
    Grid type adjustable
    Grid brightness adjustable
     Interface Standard interface USB Host,USB Device
    Power supply Supply Voltage 100-120VACRMS(±10%), 45Hzto 440Hz, CATⅡ
    120-240VACRMS(±10%), 45Hz to 66Hz, CATⅡ
    Power consumption <15W
    Fuse T, 3.15A, 250V, 5x20mm
     Environmental Operating temperature 0~50 °C (32~122 °F)
    Storage temperature -40~+71 °C (-40~159.8 °F)
    Humidity ≤+40°C: ≤90% RH; +41°C ~50°C: ≤60% RH
     Device size 316x11x150 mm
     Device weight 1900 g
     Package size 36x21x19 cm
     Package weight 2640 g
     Package list 1*Oscilloscope; 1*Probe (10x); 1*power line; 1*USB line; 2 * Alligator Clip Line


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