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Habotest TA603A - non contact infrared thermometer: -32° ~ 1080°C

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Habotest TA603A - non contact infrared thermometer: -32° ~ 1080°C
  • Habotest TA603A - non contact infrared thermometer: -32° ~ 1080°C
56 900 Ft , (44 803 Ft+VAT)
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This handheld infrared thermometer is a high-performance and high-quality instrument that uses ARM single-chip computer for data collection and processing. It provides functions such as emissivity adjustment, maximum value, minimum value, average value, temperature difference value, high and low temperature alarm setting, etc. It features high accuracy, fast response, simple operation, and reliable performance. It can quickly measure the surface temperature of objects in a non-contact manner, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, railway, electric power, textile, plastic, metal processing, energy saving and other industries.


       TA603A  TA603B  TA603C  TA603D  TA603E
     Temperature measuring range  -32~1080°C  -32~1380°C  -32~1680°C  -32~1880°C  -32~2200°C
     -26~1976°F  -26~2516°F  -26~3056°F  -26~3416°F  -26~3992°F
     Measurement accuracy  -32-100°C (±2°C); -100-800°C (±2%); above 800°C (±3%)
      26-212°F(±4°F); 212-1472°F (±2%); above 1472°F (±3%)
     Repeat accuracy  ±1% or ±1℃(2°F)
     Display resolution  -32-1000°C (0.1°C)  / 1000°C the above (1°C)
     Response time and wavelength  less than 500ms 8~14um
     Emissivity  0.1 ~ 1.00 adjustable (step size 0.01)
     Measuring object distance ratio  50:1  80:1
     Laser aiming  Less than 1mW 650nm laser grade II
     Unit conversion of ℃/℉  √
     Screen display mode  VA color screen
     Backlight display  √
     Over range prompt  "HI" or "LO"
     Product power supply  one 6F22 9V battery
     Working environment temperature  0℃ to 50℃
     Working environment humidity  10 ~ 95% RH - non condensing
     Storage temperature  -20℃ to 60℃ (not including battery)
     Standard accessories  portable shell cloth bag + instruction manual
     Product size  213x140x60 mm
     Product weight  about 350 g
     Package size  290x220x90 mm
     Package weight 0,9 kg


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