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Huepar UK2 - folding utility knife

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Huepar UK2 - folding utility knife
  • Huepar UK2 - folding utility knife
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Huepar folding utility knife, quick change box cutter retractable with blades lock back design in zinc alloy blade storage handle - 10*SK2 blades, flat head and phillips screwdriver bit included UK2.


    【10*SK2 BLADES & BLADE AND BIT STORAGE COMPARTMENT】 Huepar utility knife is equipped with 10*sk2 blades, SK2 belongs to Japanese carbon tool steel with high hardness, high toughness, durability, wear-resistance, and cutting performance. The handle of the Huepar utility knife is made of zinc alloy. 3 blades and a screwdriver bit can be stored in the handle for emergencies. The spare blade is placed in the blade storage box, and a green cover on the top is used to fix the blade to ensure safe use.

    【FOLDING KNIFE & SCREWDRIVER BITS】Huepar utility knife has both function of a folding knife and a screwdriver. It comes with a Phillips bit and a flat head bit, which can be used as a screwdriver to provide convenience for your life. Folding knives can meet most work needs, such as cutting cardboard boxes, blankets, etc. The ergonomic handle offers a strong grip to increases non-slip friction and saves labor. It offers comfort when cutting extra-hard materials.

    【SECURE LOCK BACK & QUICK CHANGE MECHANISM】Huepar utility knife features a lock-back design that allows the blade to be safely rotated and locked at 90° or 180° for use. Press the change button on the knife holder to pull out the old blade and insert the new blade. The easy release mechanism greatly simplifies the chore of blade replacement, allowing quick blade removal and replacement without additional auxiliary tools to safely replace the blade.

    【LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN & EASY TO HOOK UP】Huepar utility knife are lightweight and compact. It has a stainless steel belt clip design that is easy to carry, which improves the convenience of daily carrying. You can hang it in a belt, pocket, or bag for easy use at any time. Huepar razor knife is compatible with most standard sized utility blades for extra convenience.

    【VARIOUS APPLICATIONS】Huepar utility knife is suitable for many purposes, such as office, handicrafts, home, packaging, etc. It can cut through paper, carpet, plastic, cartons, cloth, bags, leather, PVC, drywall and more. The durable box cutter can help you in daily use and complete more work. Before buying Huepar folding knife, please check and abide by local laws and regulations.

    The package:

    • Knife with 3 bonus blades
    • 10*SK2 blade
    • Screwdriver bits: 1*Phillips bit; 1*flat-head bit
    • Knife length:18.5*2*4 cm (12.5*2*4.5 cm folded)
    • Knife weight:207 g
    • SK2 blades length:0.61*19*59 mm
    • Blade cover (transparent)
    • package size: 16*13*6 cm
    • package weight: 330 g

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